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This was one of the loveliest evenings of the summer. A glass of something chilled on arrival, beautiful setting, the most friendliest of staff, absolutely tasty food and an intimate cinema experience. What is not to love. will defiantly go again next year and probably every year if possible !! You must go you will not be disappointed ❤️
— Tracy

THEME: Morocco

Welcoming glass of Moroccan wine.

Lamb or Vegetarian Tagine, followed by Almond Briouats with orange flower water infused yoghurt.


Saturday AUGUST 17th

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Grippingly Powerful

Little Lightning presents the second of 3 weekends of cinema with the timeless masterpiece Casablanca.

Seventy years on, this great romantic noir is still grippingly powerful: a movie made at a time when it was far from clear the Nazis were going to lose.

On paper, perhaps it doesn’t sound so much: the woman who broke a man's heart walks into his bar — "of all the gin joints in all the world"—with her husband. But "the problems of three little people" are compounded by wartime intrigue in a dangerous, mysterious locale. You must remember this: you can't trust anyone who doesn't love Casablanca. Never mind that screen writing mavens use it as a model for structure and narrative, or that it received Academy Awards for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay. The fundamental thing is that everything in the film's magical, melodramatic combination of patriotic wartime sentiments, desperate refugees and star-crossed lovers works beautifully, every time.

Casablanca is almost certainly — to the astonishment of those involved in its somewhat chaotic production — the most enjoyable wannasee-again-and-again picture ever made. Every time you see it, one or another gem of dialogue from the treasure store of worldly witticisms and ironic exchanges strikes you anew. (Rick: "I came to Casablanca for the waters." Renault: "What waters? We're in the desert." Rick: "I was misinformed.")

CAST: Humphrey Bogart | Ingrid Bergman |

DIRECTOR: Michael Curtiz


6:00pm Event opens with welcoming drink in the courtyard

7:45pm Dinner served

8:15pm Film starts

9:15pm Interval

11:30 Bar closes

Times may vary

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PLEASE NOTE: We serve delicious yet simple, two course set menus which are carefully prepared and cooked on site and themed for each event, however we are unable to cater for specific dietary requirements.