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Wow! I am so amazed by how great tonight was. I was expecting good things but the evening was just perfect. Wonderful food and drink, fabulous film, great barn and incredible hosting.
I really did leave with a smile on my face.”
— Lynsey

THEME: New Zealand

Welcoming glass of classic NZ wine.

Delicious TBC NZ themed dinner .

hunt for the wilderpeople

Friday AUGUST 16th

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Deftly balancing humanity with comedy

Little Lightning presents the second of 3 weekends of cinema with the wonderfully engaging Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

After being delivered by child welfare services to a remote farm in the New Zealand countryside, troublesome fat kid Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) finds himself the object of a national manhunt when he and his grumpy foster father, ‘Uncle Hec’ (Sam Neill), accidentally go missing in the bush.

Just as the landscapes of New Zealand are illustrated in vast wide abundance, so is Taika Waititi’s exuberant sense of humour and flair for inventive absurdity in Wilderpeople,

Neill is the nominal star, playing grieving ex-convict Hec Faulkner, though it’s 13-year-old Dennison who gets all the best lines as the juvenile delinquent on a bizarre outback adventure.

There’s a refreshing lack of sentimentality to Wilderpeople and Waititi allows the drama to hit hard where it needs to, so it roots itself far deeper than the whimsical trimmings might suggest. Some scenes will get you swearing there’s just something in your eye; others will make you honk like a goose on nitrous oxide.

You’ll be left with a glow that’ll ensure Wilderpeople a place on your best-of-year list.

CAST: Sam Neill | Julian Dennison | Rima Te Wiata Waititi

DIRECTOR: Taika Waititi


6:00pm Event opens with welcoming drink in the courtyard

7:45pm Dinner served

8:15pm Film starts

9:15pm Interval

11:30 Bar closes

Times may vary

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PLEASE NOTE: We serve delicious yet simple, two course set menus which are carefully prepared and cooked on site and themed for each event, however we are unable to cater for specific dietary requirements.