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It felt like we’d gate-crashed a private party
— Michael, Hampshire

THEME: Swedish

Welcoming glass of Swedish wine or beer (TBC).

Smoked Salmon with chives and new potatoes followed by Lingonberry mess.

mama mia here we go again

Saturday JULY 20th

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Little Lightning presents the first of 3 weekends of cinema with the joyous Mama Mia - Here We Go Again.

"I simply can’t imagine how Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again could be any better than it is. I loved it to pieces and I can’t wait to go again!" Mark Kermode

Five years since the events of Mamma Mia, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) plans to re-open the renovated Hotel Bella Donna with a party reuniting her family and friends. Nearly 30 years earlier, a young Donna (Lily James) ventures on a life-changing summer holiday that will lead her to the three loves of her life, and the Greek island of Kalokairi.

Taking over the directorial reins, Ol Parker (who made Imagine Me & You and the underrated Now Is Good) delivers a slicker package than Phyllida Lloyd’s record-breaking original, full of elegant camera moves, snappy choreography and mirrored shots juxtaposing disparate frames, both temporal and spatial.

Yet as before, the real pleasure comes from the sublime agony of hearing your favourite Abba tunes crowbarred into the narrative in increasingly preposterous ways. Occasionally the twists are subtle (the whoopingly affirmative “woh woh woh” of Waterloo briefly becomes a commanding “whoa” – as in “stop!” – during a restaurant seduction scene). More often they’re laugh-out-loud ludicrous.

It helps that the ensemble cast are extremely likable and admirably game; the lyrics to Dancing Queen may insist that “you can dance, you can jive”, but the fact that many of the men can do neither of the above doesn’t stop them from having the time of their lives anyway. By contrast, the women are on top form – from Lily James, who could charm the birds from the trees with her song-and-dance skills, to Julie Walters, whose brand of note-perfect physical comedy proves a reliable delight.

Much has changed in the 10 years since Mamma Mia!, but I simply can’t imagine how Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again could be any better than it is. I loved it to pieces and I can’t wait to go again!

CAST: Amanda Seyfried | Andy Garcia | Meryl Streep | Julie Walters | Pierce Brosnan | Stellan Skarsgard | Colin Firth | Cher



6:00pm Event opens with welcoming drink in the courtyard

7:45pm Dinner served

8:15pm Film starts

9:15pm Interval

11:30 Bar closes

Times may vary

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PLEASE NOTE: We serve delicious yet simple, two course set menus which are carefully prepared and cooked on site and themed for each event, however we are unable to cater for specific dietary requirements.